Redundancy & Outplacement

“Seamless Transition to New Beginnings”

We offer a range of services to assist organisations with redundancies & retrenchment of individuals.

Retrenchment” is the expression used to describe what occurs to an employee whose employment is terminated.

At Strategic Workforce Development we provide a one-on-one consulting service to explore a variety of options to assist the individual in finding new employment and handling the transitional change after redundancy.  Since every individual’s situation and experience is different, SWD will tailor a program to suit a person’s needs.

Cost effective and time efficient services allow organisations to provide an outplacement service which demonstrates respect, care and support for the outgoing employee.

Outplacements offer the employee:

  • Support at a time of vulnerability
  • Brings the employee up to date with the current job market
  • Allows the employee to work with the psychologist to develop a plan for their next career step
  • Provides a way of saying “thank you for your efforts”
  • Outplacements are good work practice

At this often turbulent time you can be assured that SWD will offer the appropriate professional needs as required.

This service can incorporate any of the following:


  • Psychometric profiling; addressing aspects such as strengths, weaknesses, abilities, values, interest’s etc
  • Redundancy and Outplacement Assistance/Services
  • Resume / CV development
  • Job application responses
  • Interview techniques
  • Coaching sessions
  • Counselling support services